Key Management

Mr Vince Fayad

Company Secretary

Mr Fayad is a Chartered Accountant and has had approximately 30 years of experience in Corporate Finance, accounting and other advisory related services. He is also a registered company auditor and tax agent. Over the last 15 years, Mr Fayad has spent a significant amount of time advising on various transactions that are related to the mining industry. Mr Fayad also served as Managing Director of the Company for the period 31 December 2008 to 6 November 2009.

Mr Fayad previously was the non executive Chairman of BioProspect Limited (ASX: BPO), non executive director of Esperance Minerals Limited and executive director of Ashley Services Group Limited (ASX: ASH). Additionally, he was formerly a non-executive Chairman for an Australian listed company, Metalbank Limited (ASX:MBK) and executive Director of Global Strategic Metals NL (ASX:GSZ) where he undertook a number of positive initiatives.

Mr Fayad undertakes the Company Secretarial function via PKF Sydney.